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Cacha Mundinho Quartet is a sparkling acoustic outfit that recently came into being quite spontaneously during jam sessions of some musicians living in the same neighborhood in Amsterdam, who took the time to delve into new sources of musical inspiration.

In March 2020, the young singer and songwriter Joana Almeida arrived in Amsterdam from Porto, and opened new "umbrellas" with the percussionist Sjahin During, to establish Cacha Mundinho in searching the landscapes of the rich Lusophone music cultures, intertwining the sounds of the Lusophony world towards a new horizon.

Lusophony is the total of regions and cultures that share the Portuguese language, like: Portugal, Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Macao, Mozambique and India (Goa, Daman and Diu).

The vocalist and guitarist Joana Almeida creates the compositions, enriched by the collaboration with Sjahin During on percussion, Maripepa Contreras on oboe/duduk, Felix Hildenbrand on contrabass.

"Cacha" comes from Cape Verdean creole and is a corruption of “catch”,

"Mundinho" comes from "mundo" and means “small world”.

Cacha Mundinho signifies “Catch a small world”.

Portrait of Joana Almeida, Young Artists Programme 2022, On The Roof

Almeida came to live in Amsterdam in 2020 and has dedicated her life to follow a unique path: she is one of the very first female, classical fado guitarist in Portugal. She composes original pieces in Portuguese, inspired by fado and traditional Portuguese troubadour songs but with her own unique and contemporary take on tradition. Elements from Cape Verdean and Brazilian music are combined with the improvisatory agility of top-notch jazz. The Cacha Mundinho Quartet has its own sound, to honor the Lusophone world.

A musical voyage through the world of lusophony

Joana Almeida (Portugal) - vocals and guitar

Maripepa Contreras (Spain) - oboe & duduk

Felix Hildenbrand (Germany) - double bass

Sjahin During (Turkey/Netherlands) - percussion

Maripepa Contreras, originally from Spain,  graduated from the Amsterdam Conservatory, works with such musicians as Orquesta de Córdoba, Metropole Orkest, Marmoucha Orchestra, Jorge Pardo, José Mercé, Gerardo Núñez, Ronald Snijders, Michael Moore.


Felix Hildenbrand on contrabass is already a veteran in the jazz and world music scene in Amsterdam

Felix performs on a regular basis with fado vocalist Maria de Fátima, jazz guitarist Anton Goudsmit, trumpeter Eric Vloeimans and saxophonist Efraïm Trujillo. 


Sjahin During is the percussionist and initiator of the group and known with his international established ensembles such as Arifa & Namibian Tales. 

The Cacha Mundinho Quartet is a sparkling new offshoot from the centuries old tree of the Lusophone music cultures.



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Chambres d'O, 

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